Market Research

We provide market research services for the online betting industry with reasonable cost and high efficiency.

Marketing Stategy

Reasonable and effective marketing strategies based on years of experience in the industry will help your business grow quickly.

Payment Solution

We provide the best online and offline payment services in the industry. Safe, efficient and low cost is always our first priority.

B2B and B2C Solution

As a partner of many B2B and B2C providers, AGS will provide services tailored to all your requirements.


AGS is a professional media company specializing in Advertising, Events and Business Solutions. The brand is always at the forefront of creative ideas and young people with good looks, services and events for AGS always bring great success and value to many companies in Asia.


AGS was established in late August 2016. Initially we only provide online advertising services. After almost a year, we have launched other products and business solutions in each area. With the prestige, professionalism and high security with many products and low cost, customers have come to us more and more.


We place particular importance on listening to our clients, in order to understand why existing ones work with us time and time again, and why new clients have commissioned us over our competitors. AGS deliver quality and best-practice relentlessly, through a personal service and a reputation that means everything to us.
By understanding what differentiates us from others in the market, we know what we need to build on, in order to get even better. We also understand that our priorities impact what we do now, but also what we do in the future, which enables us to deliver successful future-proofed services and support to our clients.




AGS team has extensive experience in a wide range of industries and uses this knowledge to provide IT application services, enterprise transformation and operational improvement.

How to support customers

We help our customers analyze and understand the basics of changing business operations - people, processes, technology and risk / control - identify obstacles that cause businesses to fail. reaching out to their full potential.

We adopt a collaborative approach, working with clients:
1. Rationalization and standardization of financial activities
2. Design and set up performance management systems
3. Application of smart business management initiatives
4. Determining operational capital and cost optimization opportunities
5. Establish a more effective approach to planning, budgeting and forecasting


(Customer Strategy and Marketing)

AGS focus on business fundamentals - risk management, revenue growth, and cost control
- are issues that every organization in every industry needs. settle for development.
We help businesses identify risks and optimize the activities they use to support strategic business goals and financial goals.

How to support customers

Organizations have a variety of options for managing and enhancing operational efficiency,including process and control design, shared services, and outsourcing. (outsourcing).
Our Business Performance specialists seek to empower customers to make better business decisions
- these are the decisions that occupy the central place of successful endeavors.
in enterprise transformation and change management.
Our specialists bring extensive experience and close cooperation with clients and advise them on a wide range of issues.


(Offline and Online Payment Method)

We provide online and offline payment services for markets in Asia. Fast, safe and secure are the top criteria for AGS. AGS partners are industry pioneers with cutting-edge technology that fits current trends.


(Customer Strategy and Marketing)

Brand building is a top priority for all businesses. Having a unique brand and knowing how to promote it will make your company stand out in the crowd and attract the attention of its customers.
Our branding services are conducted in many ways with low cost and high efficiency.

Our services are including:
1. Online
A) Online contents
- Sport Columnist: Feeding all sports news such as EPL, La liga, UCL, Europa League and World Cup.

B) Online Banners Ads
I. Nude (Porn) Site
ii. Sports News & Live score Site
iii. Casino Blog Site
iv. Live streaming Football Site
v. Movie & TV Online Site

C) Google Dynamic Ads (Spam on all devices)
D) Facebook (Fan Page) & Youtube Rental
F) Video/Tutorial Production
H) Affiliates
I) Live dealer studio setup
J) Web and Mobile APP System Development
K) Gaming Product Reseller
L) Gaming Platform (White Label)

2. Offline
A) Printed Media
i. Outdoor Billboard Advertising (Highway, Poipet & Mocbai {Near Cambodia}, Bus Terminal, In/Out Bus, Train & Airport)
ii. Indoor Billboard Football/Futsal
iii. Newspaper, Magazine
iv. Poster/Handbook Football Match Schedule
v. Sports & Casino Calendar

B) Sports Radio Advertising

C) Sports Event Tournament
i. Football/Futsal Tournament
ii. Football Coaching Clinic
iii. E-sports & PES Tournament
iv. Poker Tournament

D) Activities Targeting In Each City.
i. Vietnam: Hanoi, Hochiminh City & Da Nang City, Binh Duong & Hai Phong.
ii. Indonesia: Jakarta.
iii. Thailand: Chiangmai , Bangkok, Nontaburi, Phuket, Hatyai & Pattaya.
iv. Malaysia: Kuala Lampur, Johor, & Penang.

E) Event Sponsorship
i. Games Show Sponsorship
ii. Football/Futsal Sponsorship
iii. E-sports/PES Sponsorship
iv. Boxing Event Sponsorship ( Offer for Thailand only )
v. Poker Sponsorship
vi. Beauty Sponsorship

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