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Leading New Economy Of Virtual Currency In New Division of Financial Business Field


Assets Connection Virtual currency users able to reflect relationship with digital assets

Application Management Virtual currency users able to unify management with multiple internet applications identity

Collected Credit Date Virtual currency users able to provide non-tamper credit data information



Uranium used the innovative smart contract POSS (Proof of Stake & Sharing), that is shares and share proof. The POSS algorithm provides a uniform mining method. Do not need to use a powerful machine for mining, by holding more shares to get more rewards, also through sharing so that more people download the wallet and holding shares to get the block reward. It does not require special mining hardware, can run on a raspberry equipment, it saves electricity, help to solve the problem of greenhouse warming caused by high carbon emissions.

The core network of the Uranium, that is the code has a relatively high maturity, not only other developers and existing development tools that can absorb Bitcoin ecosystems, also can have better security.

Uranium into a new field of smart contracts, introduced an innovative self-motivation mechanism, for traders to create a superior trading environment, thus enabling the development of encrypted digital currency with digital asset trading platform for extended closed-loop.

Follow the system evolved, Uranium inherits the characteristics of the scrpyt algorithm, in the case of security and innovation, through the blockchain technology and smart contract to promote the evolution of beneficial business ecology. In addition to smart contracts that support security lock, Uranium can also provide escort for the participant's security code.

Uranium goal is to build an encrypted digital currency in a horizontal and vertical scale in a highly scalable blockchain operating system, provide the necessary functions and high processing power, depth detection of data on the chain, a high degree of integration of social functions.

The groundbreaking innovative smart contracts of Uranium, will build a new era of encrypted digital curreny, POSS smart contract, will lead countless participants to participate in this feast.


Appropriate Blockchain + Earnings Capacity from financial trading = URANIUM
A digital asset with an atomic attribute value

Earning CapacityWe aim to make the Uranium provide financial services for everyone in a way that simplifies the implicit currency. The distribution of the Uranium makes users easier to trading and access to currency on a global scale.

Transparency ValueThe Uranium seeks to be the most secure cryptocoin at a lowest cost, by rewarding all users for strengthening the network. Own Uranium to create your own assets which can be distributed on any way you like. You will be able to safely, easily and quickly learn how to store, acquire, spend and owning an Uranium.

Innovative smart contractThe first POSS of Uranium (Equity and Sharing Mechanism), these features can remove all the other POS systems drawbacks, also able to remove the rich are richer such a cycle. And in the service generated by the data and information flow, nurture digital identity, forming a sustainable and ecologically closed loop.


Top features and reason to own Uranium

SEGREGATED WITNESS We believe this is the best options to transaction malleability. This increases Uranium block size limit and allows the implementation of the second-layer solutions for further improvement.

LIGHTNING NETWOK The lightning network offers scalable, instant blockchain transactions. We expect it to allow for a massive increase in the network capacity by moving the bulk of transactions off the Blockchain for quick processing.

STEALTH ADDRESSES We take privacy seriously so our development team is testing & working on ‘Stealth Addresses’ which provides privacy on the public ledger. 

WEB WALLET This is a secure and easy way to send Uranium to friends or family. Control your own private keys. Merchants can also use this on their tablet or phone to accept Uranium as payments with internet connection.

ACTIVE DEVELOP AND TEAM Our lead developer & team are constantly working to pursue advancements in blockchain technology. We have an open-source community where we share info and implement advanced features. Our focus has always been to building a strong relationship with other blockchain developers & learn-share with others.

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